View Image Exif Data

This site extracts and displays an image's Exif data as a single HTML page. To start, enter a link to an image in the textbox below to view its Exif data. You can enter a URL to a image on the web or upload a file from your computer.


View a sample output at this link.

What is Exif Data?

Exif stands for Exchangeable image file format. It is a standard that specifies the format for tags added to images and sounds. Examples of information include date, time, camera settings, and lens type.

Exif data can help analyze a photo to show the settings, camera, and lens used to take the picture.

About This Site

This site is a micro-site created using the Django Python Web Framework. The entire site is coded with a handful of code within a single html page.

To extract the Exif information, this site uses the ExifTool program created by Phil Harvey.

Supported Formats

The following formats are supported:

AFCP, AIFF, APE, APP0, APP1, APP11, APP12, APP13, APP14, APP15, APP4, APP5, APP6, APP8, ASF, Audible, CanonVRD, Composite, DICOM, DNG, DV, DjVu, Ducky, EXE, EXIF, ExifTool, FLAC, FLIR, File, Flash, FlashPix, Font, FotoStation, GIF, GIMP, GeoTiff, H264, HTML, ICC_Profile, ID3, IPTC, ISO, ITC, JFIF, JPEG, Jpeg2000, LNK, Leaf, Lytro, M2TS, MIE, MIFF, MNG, MOI, MPC, MPEG, MPF, MXF, MakerNotes, Matroska, Meta, Ogg, OpenEXR, Opus, PDF, PICT, PLIST, PNG, PSP, Palm, PanasonicRaw, PhotoCD, PhotoMechanic, Photoshop, PostScript, PrintIM, QuickTime, RAF, RIFF, RSRC, RTF, Radiance, Rawzor, Real, SVG, SigmaRaw, Stim, Theora, Torrent, VCard, Vorbis, XML, XMP, ZIP