Remove Exif Data

This site removes the Exif data from an image. Exif data can contain information like the date an image was taken, GPS coordinates, camera models, and other information that can be used to trace the source of an image. To start, enter a link to an image or select an image:


What is Exif Data?

Exif stands for Exchangeable image file format. It is a standard that specifies the format for tags added to images and sounds. Examples of information include date, time, camera settings, and lens type.

Exif data can help analyze a photo to show the settings, camera, and lens used to take the picture.

How Can I View Exif Data?

You can use the Show Exif Data tool hosted on this site to view image Exif data.

You can also view a sample Exif output at this link.

About This Site

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