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This site lists sensor size information for a camera and also cameras that have the same sensor size. First select the manufacturer, then select the model. The model's sensor size is given along with cameras that have similar sensor sizes in mm and pixels.

Details of the - Sony Mavica FD-100

Parameter Value
Manufacturer Sony
Model Mavica FD-100
Description "1/2.7"" (~ 5.33 x 4 mm)"
Sensor Width (mm) 5.33
Sensor Height (mm) 4
Sensor Width (pixels) 1264
Sensor Height (pixels) 950
Megapixels 1.2
Sensor Diagnoal (mm) 6.7
35mm Crop Factor 0.2

Cameras that have a sensor size similar to the Sony Mavica FD-100

The Sony Mavica FD-100 has a sensor size of 5.33mm wide x 4mm high

Manufacturer Model
HP Photosmart 318
HP Photosmart C215
HP Photosmart C315
HP Photosmart 435
HP Photosmart 735
HP Photosmart 733
HP Photosmart 612
HP Photosmart 320
HP Photosmart M307
HP Photosmart C618
Fujifilm FinePix 2400 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix A303
Fujifilm FinePix 1400z
Fujifilm Bigjob HD1
Fujifilm FinePix A330
Fujifilm FinePix F402
Fujifilm FinePix F420 Zoom
Fujifilm Finepix 30i
Fujifilm FinePix A205 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix S5500 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix A200
Fujifilm FinePix A201
Fujifilm FinePix A202
Fujifilm FinePix A203
Fujifilm FinePix A204
Fujifilm FinePix A101
Fujifilm FinePix S5100 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix F410 Zoom
Fujifilm MX-1400
Fujifilm FinePix S3000 Z
Fujifilm FinePix EX-20
Fujifilm FinePix 40i
Fujifilm FinePix A310 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix S304
Fujifilm FinePix A210 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix S3500 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix S5000 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix F401 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix 2800 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix 2600 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix A340
Fujifilm FinePix 3800
Fujifilm FinePix 2300
Fujifilm FinePix A120
Fujifilm FinePix 1300
Fujifilm FinePix 2650
Ricoh Caplio 400G Wide
Ricoh Caplio RX
Ricoh Caplio RR30
Ricoh Caplio RR10
Ricoh RDC-5300
Ricoh RDC-5000
Ricoh Caplio G3
Ricoh Caplio G3s
Minox DC 2122
Minox DC 1311
Minox DC 2111
Minolta DiMAGE Z1
Minolta DiMAGE E203
Minolta DiMAGE E223
Minolta DiMAGE Xt
Minolta DiMAGE Xi
Minolta DiMAGE X
Minolta DiMAGE E323
Nikon Coolpix 775
Nikon Coolpix 3700
Nikon Coolpix 900s
Nikon Coolpix SQ
Nikon Coolpix 3100
Nikon Coolpix 900
Nikon Coolpix 600
Nikon Coolpix 3200
Nikon Coolpix 2500
Nikon Coolpix 3500
Nikon Coolpix 2000
Rollei dp 300
Rollei dk4010
Rollei dp 3210
Rollei dk 3000
Rollei d330 motion
Rollei dc 3100
Rollei Prego da3
Rollei dpx 310
Olympus C-160
Olympus D-580 Zoom
Olympus IR 500
Olympus C-700 UZ
Olympus C-730 UZ
Olympus C-2
Olympus C-900 Zoom
Olympus C-750 UZ
Olympus D-450 Zoom
Olympus C-840L
Olympus C-370 Zoom
Olympus AZ-1 Ferrari 2004
Olympus C-960 Zoom
Olympus C-310 Zoom
Olympus D-510 Zoom
Olympus D-540 Zoom
Olympus C-860L
Olympus D-395
Olympus AZ-1
Olympus C-760 UZ
Olympus AZ-2 Zoom
Olympus C-990 Zoom
Olympus D-490 Zoom
Olympus D-535 Zoom
Olympus C-200 Zoom
Olympus C-920 Zoom
Toshiba PDR T30
Toshiba PDR M500
Toshiba PDR 2300
Toshiba PDR T20
Toshiba PDR T10
Toshiba PDR M25
Toshiba PDR M700
Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Xg
Casio QV-2300UX
Casio QV-2400UX
Casio QV-2900UX
Casio QV-2800UX
Casio QV-2100
Sony Mavica FD-97
Sony Cybershot DSC S30
Sony Cybershot DSC S60
Sony Cybershot DSC U50
Sony Cybershot DSC P8
Sony Cybershot DSC P2
Sony Mavica FD-100
Sony Cybershot DSC P31
Sony Cybershot DSC P30
Sony Cybershot DSC P32
Sony Cybershot DSC S80
Sony Mavica FD-92
Sony Cybershot DSC S90
Sony Mavica CD200
Sony Cybershot DSC P43
Sony Cybershot DSC P20
Sony Mavica FD-95
Sony Cybershot DSC U10
Sony Cybershot DSC U20
Sony Cybershot DSC P73
Sony Cybershot DSC U30
Sony Mavica FD-90
Sony Cybershot DSC U60
Sony Mavica FD-87
Sony Cybershot DSC L1
Sony Cybershot DSC S40
Sony Cybershot DSC S50
Sony Cybershot DSC P52
Sony Cybershot DSC P51
Sony Cybershot DSC P50
Sony Mavica FD-200
Sony Cybershot DSC U40
Sony Mavica CD1000
Sony Cybershot DSC P41
Sony Mavica FD-85
Sony Mavica CD250
Sony Mavica CD350
BenQ DC S30
BenQ DC 2410
Konica Revio KD-200Z
Konica DG-2
Konica DG-3Z
Samsung Digimax 210 SE
Samsung Digimax 301
Samsung Digimax 220 SE
Samsung Digimax U-CA 3
Samsung Digimax 200
Samsung Digimax 230
Sanyo DSC S1
Sanyo DSC S3
Sanyo Xacti C40
Sanyo Xacti C1
Sanyo Xacti C4
Sanyo VPC J1 EX
Sanyo VPC J4 EX
Sanyo Xacti VPC S3 EX
Sanyo VPC J2 EX
Sanyo Xacti VPC S1 EX
Kodak EasyShare CX4300
Kodak LS443
Kodak EasyShare CX4230
Kodak EasyShare CX4200
Kodak EasyShare CX7300
Kodak DX6340
Kodak DX3215
Jenoptik JD 3.1 z3 MPEG 4
Jenoptik JD 2100 z3 S
Jenoptik JD 2100 F
Jenoptik JD 3.3z10
Jenoptik JD 2100 M
Jenoptik JD 2100 AF
Jenoptik JD 3.3 AF
Jenoptik JD 3.3 xz3
Jenoptik JD 3.3x4 ie
Pentax Optio 33WR
Pentax Optio 33L
Pentax Optio 43WR
Pentax Optio MX4
Pentax EI-200
Pentax Optio 230
Pentax Optio 330GS
Pentax Optio MX
Pentax Optio S30
Pentax Optio 33LF
Pentax Optio 30
Concord Eye-Q 3340z
Concord Eye-Q 3343z
Canon PowerShot S100 Digital IXUS
Canon Digital IXUS v2
Canon Digital IXUS v3
Canon PowerShot S200
Canon Powershot A510
Canon Powershot A20
Canon PowerShot SD100
Canon PowerShot S230
Canon Digital IXUS II
Canon Digital IXUS IIs
Canon Powershot A10
Canon PowerShot SD110
Canon Powershot A310
Canon Digital IXUS 300
Canon PowerShot A85
Canon Powershot A60
Canon Powershot A300
Canon Powershot A70
Canon PowerShot S300
Canon Powershot A75
Canon Digital IXUS
Canon PowerShot S330
Canon Powershot A40
Canon Digital IXUS V
Canon Digital IXUS 330
Canon Powershot A30
Canon Powershot S1 IS
Yakumo CamMaster SD 432
Yakumo Mega Image 34
Kyocera Finecam M410R
Kyocera Finecam SL400R
Kyocera Finecam M400R
Kyocera Finecam SL300R
Kyocera Finecam L3
Kyocera Finecam L30
Kyocera Finecam L3v
Praktica DC 32
Praktica DC 34
Praktica DC 22
Praktica DC 21
Praktica DCZ 2.2
Contax U4R
Contax SL300R T
Contax i4R
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC20
Panasonic Lumix DMC-F7

Cameras that have a pixel size similar to the Sony Mavica FD-100

The Sony Mavica FD-100 has a pixel size of 1264 wide x 950 high

Manufacturer Model
Fujifilm FinePix A101
Fujifilm DS-300
Fujifilm MX-1200
Fujifilm MX-1400
Fujifilm FinePix 1300
Ricoh RDC-4300
Nikon Coolpix 900s
Nikon Coolpix 900
Epson PhotoPC 750 Zoom
Epson PhotoPC 700
Olympus D-400 Zoom
Olympus D-450 Zoom
Olympus D-360L
Olympus D-460 Zoom
Olympus D-340L
Olympus D-340R
Casio QV-7000SX
Casio QV-5500SX
Casio QV-8000SX
Casio QV-5000SX
Sony Mavica FD-100
Sony Mavica FD-92
Sony Mavica FD-88
Sony Mavica FD-90
Sony Mavica FD-87
Sony Mavica FD-85
Konica Revio C2
Kodak DC240
Kodak DX3215
AgfaPhoto ePhoto CL50
AgfaPhoto ePhoto 1680
Canon PowerShot A50
Canon Powershot A10
Canon Powershot A30

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