List Cameras by Sensor Size

This site lists sensor size information for a camera and also cameras that have the same sensor size. First select the manufacturer, then select the model. The model's sensor size is given along with cameras that have similar sensor sizes in mm and pixels.

Select a model for your Rollei:

Manufacturer Model
Rollei dp 300
Rollei d33 com
Rollei da5324
Rollei Sportsline 60 Camouflage
Rollei RCP-8325XS
Rollei Sportsline 90
Rollei Compactline 312
Rollei Compactline 81
Rollei Powerflex 460
Rollei Sportsline 99
Rollei Powerflex 400
Rollei Prego dp4200
Rollei RCP-7325XS
Rollei Prego dp5500
Rollei Powerflex 600
Rollei RCP-7430XW
Rollei RCP-S8
Rollei Compactline 202
Rollei Compactline 130
Rollei Kids 100
Rollei Powerflex 610 HD
Rollei Flexline 140
Rollei Powerflex 240 HD
Rollei Powerflex 360 Full HD
Rollei da5325 Prego
Rollei Powerflex 470
Rollei RCP-7324
Rollei dk4010
Rollei dt6 Tribute
Rollei d210 motion
Rollei Compactline 55
Rollei Compactline 52
Rollei Compactline 50
Rollei Flexline 200
Rollei dp 3210
Rollei X-8
Rollei RCP-8427XW
Rollei da8324
Rollei Powerflex 700 Full HD
Rollei RCP-5324
Rollei dr 5
Rollei d530 flex
Rollei Powerflex 440
Rollei Prego dp6000
Rollei dk 3000
Rollei Compactline 425
Rollei XS-10
Rollei da7325 Prego
Rollei d23 com
Rollei dt 4000
Rollei RCP-8325
Rollei dcx 400
Rollei RCP-8527X
Rollei Powerflex 450
Rollei Compactline 150
Rollei Powerflex 455
Rollei ds6
Rollei d330 motion
Rollei RCP-S10
Rollei Sportsline 62
Rollei Compactline 80
Rollei Compactline 370 TS
Rollei Compactline 412
Rollei Compactline 415
Rollei Prego dp6200
Rollei RCP-8330X
Rollei Compactline 350
Rollei dt 4200
Rollei Compactline 360 TS
Rollei Powerflex 500
Rollei dt 3200
Rollei dc 3100
Rollei Sportsline 50
Rollei Prego da6
Rollei Prego da5
Rollei Prego da4
Rollei Prego da3
Rollei X-8 Compact
Rollei dr 5100
Rollei Powerflex 3D
Rollei dsx 410
Rollei RCP-7330X
Rollei Compactline 200
Rollei Powerflex 820
Rollei Flexline 250
Rollei Compactline 203
Rollei da6324
Rollei XS-10 inTouch
Rollei Flexline 100
Rollei da1325 Prego
Rollei dp6500
Rollei Compactline 320
Rollei Prego dp5200
Rollei Flexline 202
Rollei Prego dp8300
Rollei RCP-6324
Rollei Prego dp5300
Rollei Flexline 100 iT
Rollei Prego dp6300
Rollei d41 com
Rollei X-8 Sports
Rollei Compactline 103
Rollei Compactline 102
Rollei Compactline 101
Rollei Compactline 100
Rollei d20 motion
Rollei Compactline 230
Rollei dpx 310
Rollei RCP-8325X
Rollei dcx 310
Rollei XS-8
Rollei RCP-10325X
Rollei Compactline 110
Rollei Powerflex 800
Rollei dx63
Rollei Compactline 90
Rollei Compactline 302
Rollei Compactline 304
Rollei XS-8 Crystal
Rollei da10
Rollei Compactline 390 SE

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