List Cameras by Sensor Size

This site lists sensor size information for a camera and also cameras that have the same sensor size. First select the manufacturer, then select the model. The model's sensor size is given along with cameras that have similar sensor sizes in mm and pixels.

Select a model for your AgfaPhoto:

Manufacturer Model
AgfaPhoto DC-738i
AgfaPhoto DC-630
AgfaPhoto Optima 1338mT
AgfaPhoto Optima 102
AgfaPhoto DC-830i
AgfaPhoto DC-302
AgfaPhoto Optima 105
AgfaPhoto Optima 104
AgfaPhoto DC-633xs
AgfaPhoto Compact 100
AgfaPhoto Compact 103
AgfaPhoto Compact 102
AgfaPhoto Optima 8328m
AgfaPhoto DC-1030i
AgfaPhoto sensor 830s
AgfaPhoto Optima 100
AgfaPhoto DC-1338i
AgfaPhoto DC-8330i
AgfaPhoto DC-8428s
AgfaPhoto DC-630i
AgfaPhoto Optima 3
AgfaPhoto DC-533
AgfaPhoto DC-630x
AgfaPhoto DC-730i
AgfaPhoto DC-8338i
AgfaPhoto Optima 103
AgfaPhoto ePhoto CL18
AgfaPhoto ePhoto CL30 Clik!
AgfaPhoto ePhoto CL30
AgfaPhoto DC-1033x
AgfaPhoto DC-600uw
AgfaPhoto DC-735i
AgfaPhoto DC-833m
AgfaPhoto DC-1338sT
AgfaPhoto Optima 1
AgfaPhoto ePhoto CL50
AgfaPhoto DC-1033m
AgfaPhoto ePhoto CL45
AgfaPhoto sensor 530s
AgfaPhoto sensor 505-D
AgfaPhoto ePhoto 1680
AgfaPhoto sensor 505-X
AgfaPhoto DC-733s
AgfaPhoto DC-830
AgfaPhoto ePhoto 1280
AgfaPhoto DC-735
AgfaPhoto DC-530i
AgfaPhoto Optima 830UW
AgfaPhoto Optima 1438m
AgfaPhoto DC-500
AgfaPhoto DC-2030m
AgfaPhoto DC-733i
AgfaPhoto DC-633x

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Camera sensor sizes are from the Camera Sensor Size Database page.

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